Les déracinés

Les déracinés

Les déracinés

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1h 30m 1972 HD

Les déracinés Wiflix. 1962: events in Algeria. Captain Sainbenin has just taken over the leadership of a newly created fighter commando. His relationship with the hierarchy is strained. To this war of a new type, Sainbenin intends to apply methods of a new kind. Everything is good to find the "rebels": new intelligence system, new interrogation system. When in Algiers a putsch is organized against De Gaulle by 4 of his generals, Sainbenin's men are divided: should they remain faithful to De Gaulle, or take the side of French Algeria against all odds? tragic fate of a handful of uprooted people fighting for a patriotic ideal and sacrificed in the name of this ideal.

Les déracinés (1972)
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