Finding Groovopolis

Finding Groovopolis

Finding Groovopolis

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1h 22m 2023 HD

Finding Groovopolis Wiflix. In Finding Groovopolis, Wil Kristin seeks fatherly advice through the lens of Groovopolis, a never-produced comedic screenplay written by his late dad. While coming to terms with his dad’s death, Kristin discovered the original script for Groovopolis, which follows a music programmer who falls overboard at a work party, encounters a group of wild, dancing island inhabitants, and inadvertently records their music before being rescued and spreading the sounds as an antidote to dull and monotonous consumer culture. Produced scenes from Groovopolis eerily show up in and influence Kristin’s own life, and the unusual collaboration yields an excavation of family, legacy, and navigating adulthood.

Finding Groovopolis (2023)
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