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1h 33m 2005 HD

Code 68 Wiflix. Anne Buridan is about thirty years old and likes challenges. Her last challenge is to make a movie on May 68. It's a challenge, not only because she will be forced to face a story that is not hers, but specially because her new boyfriend, Blaise, doesn't understand this idea, even more, he hates people that have participated at this event. Anne Buridan is a methodical person and even a bit obsessive. Nothing and nobody will make her turn away from her project. She starts to meet people that were figures of that period. She will start, evidently, with a woman, Marianne, who speaks amongst others, of Jean-Pierre Lucciani. The name is not unknown to her because it's the same as Blaise's. She will go see him right away. Jean-Pierre is Blaise's father alright. She goes back home and keeps the secret from Blaise. Anne Buridan just lost, without knowing it, control over this situation.

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  • Réalisateur: Jean-Henri Roger
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Code 68 (2005)
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